2/2/2012 Hollis Gardens

Hollis Gardens in Lakeland, Florida is one of my favorite places to take “flower” pictures.  A small garden with lots of wonderful ideas and motivation.  I always come home wanting to add, rework and plant my yard.  I used this picture on one of my cards.

1/30/2012 Anchorage, Alaska at midnight

I took this in June around midnight waiting for the plane to come home.  We have been in Alaska when it was daylight almost the entire night and people  asked us if we had trouble sleeping… trust me when you travel that far and you fish, fish, fish… it’s not hard to sleep at night.

2/1/2012 Every now and then you have a very special day…

I have never had a Monarch butterfly on the farm until this guy (or gal) showed up last spring. I chased it around for over an hour. I took a lot of photos and some were good but many were blurry and out of focus. Monarchs do not stay still for very long, they flit around and fly away at very fast speed. Every now and then you have a special day!

1/31/2012 Emily is quiet the little model…

Emily loves to have her picture taken… she was about 18 months old when they visited the farm in early March 2007. This was the same session that she wore the horsey outfit and I won the Florida Farm Bureau contest.  Grandkids are a blessing!

1/26/2012 Today is my birthday…

To celebrate I think I’ll post a picture of Logan Raines Jackson! 64 years of life is a gift and I am thankful for the life I have had, I look forward to many more years and if that doesn’t work, I look forward to an eternity with my Lord! Win-Win situation!

1/28/2012 “Victory”….

Jack has a really good eye… he collects antique fishing tackle and suggested that I take some photos of the tackle. The message of “Victory” is a great one. Notice that the location of the place where the tackle was made is Bartow, Florida.  Jack was born in Bartow 70 years ago. Both the tackle and Jack are in pretty good shape.

1/25/2012 The lily was saying “WOW”.

Alaskan Lily! The days can be gray and dreary but the lilies of Alaska thrive! Jack and I (trust me, we must have caught all of the fish we could take home) were roaming and taking photos, this was at the Fireweed Nursery in Kenai, AK. The shot was taken looking directly down on the flower.  Only God could have dreamed up such a treat!