1/28/2012 “Victory”….

Jack has a really good eye… he collects antique fishing tackle and suggested that I take some photos of the tackle. The message of “Victory” is a great one. Notice that the location of the place where the tackle was made is Bartow, Florida.  Jack was born in Bartow 70 years ago. Both the tackle and Jack are in pretty good shape.


1/27/2012 One morning the sun was just right and a few of the cows were in the back.

This scene set it’s self up and the camera was invited to record the event. We really are blessed to start the day with such a sight. Life is good… real good.

1/25/2012 The lily was saying “WOW”.

Alaskan Lily! The days can be gray and dreary but the lilies of Alaska thrive! Jack and I (trust me, we must have caught all of the fish we could take home) were roaming and taking photos, this was at the Fireweed Nursery in Kenai, AK. The shot was taken looking directly down on the flower.  Only God could have dreamed up such a treat!

1/24/2012 A video is just a bunch of pictures… right!

On my fennel bush I have had over 100 caterpillars, some moved on but the last crop has been outstanding.  One day I saw one as it was “hatching”.. . that morning early, the tiniest black and blue one coming out and a little later these two! I looked it up last year and butterflies mate as soon after coming out as possible. They mate for over an hour! Last time I got pictures… this time I got it on video! Pretty Neat! 

1/23/2012 Fish are beautiful….

This was the first fish I ever caught in Alaska.

This gorgeous fish is a “Dolly  Varden”… the first time I heard the name I thought they said ”Dolly Parton”.  Kind of the same thing… both are fancy and colorfully dressed ( the water is truly this color).  That was over 10 years ago.  Oh my, how time flies.

1/22/2012 I really do love butterflies.

We have always planted the kind of flowers that attract butterflies.  Zinnias are the best… you have to go out early in the morning and stand in the middle of the flowers and take lots of pictures. Somethings you just have to keep on keepin on!

1/21/2012 This is NOT the kind of fishing that we love.

The Russian River is a very accessable river about an hour south of Anchorage…  so many, many fisherman take the 3 minute ferry ride across and walk down the steep stairs to fish.  When you  get one on,  you holler  “Fish on!” and then you start the dance to get it in. If you do not know what you are doing or you take to long to get your fish in…. then you are in TROUBLE with your fishing neighbors. ”Combat” fishing is not fun!