2/29/2012 A extra day…

An extra day this year! Leap Year Day should be a holiday, there should be NO work, NO stores open, NO mail, NO internet, NO TV, NO school…. NOTHING… it should just be.  Do you think that the bee ever takes the day off? 

2/28/2012 I had better get to work….

I love how this hibiscus still looks beautiful even though it has had its “day of glory”.  One of my desires is to live my life so that when my life has had its “day of glory”, I can  have some small measure of beauty.  Now considering that I never had much outer beauty, I had better get to work on the inner beauty…  I believe what Solomon wrote in  Ecclesiastes… “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

2/27/2012 I can’t wait until Spring…

I save my seeds as much as possible each year and I can’t wait to get them in the ground.  Where we live it is still possible to have a spring frost up until mid-March.  I will wait …. if  you plant your  sunflower seeds around the sprinkler poles in the garden they get lots of water and grow really tall and big.  This is not the biggest sunflower I have ever grown… but it might be the most beautiful picture of  a sunflower that I have ever taken.  The little moth was extra,  I probably didn’t even see it.

2/24/2012 This is pretty sweet….

About 10 years ago I met this sweet baby’s mother.  She was about 17 and still trying to figure out a few things about life.  I have  taught, mentored and worked with her.  She grew up and came back to work at  the school where we first met.  Life happens and she moved on,  she now has 3 kids, a husband and is going to college.  There are many good reasons to not give up!  You go, Yadi!

2/23/2012 Some days are just better than others….

Have you ever experienced a magical day?  I hope so… this was one of those days. It  was a  bad news-good news kind of day.  First the Kenai River was closed to fishing and we had a trip planned with our guide and friend, Reubin….. but Reubin was not going to let us down… he had another idea and another river.  The Kasilof River is just as gorgeous, maybe not as well-known  river on the Kenai Peninsula.  We  had a glorious day, fishing, eating, watching Reubin rowing the drift boat down the Kasilof River. It was only on the last leg going home that we saw another boat.  We cooked one of the fish on a  piece of foil and a hot rock…. the best lunch ever. Yes, some days are just better than others.