3/25/2012 We’re gonna smoke some salmon!

Every fisherman in Alaska has their own special recipe and process for smokin’ salmon.  We were taught by the best, Guy Stewart.  Guy took us under his wing and taught us the way he had done it for years.  Smokin’ takes all day… first brine the fish over night and then hang it out to dry while you get the alder wood going.  Slow and low, all day and then yummy eating for the next year!


3/24/2012 Lessons learned from a duck!

The last summer that we stayed at Islands Lake, AK  there was a family of ducks nesting in the grasses under the float plane ramp.  One afternoon I was kind of tired and maybe bored and I starting chasing the ducks.  I noticed that they bunched “together” and moved away from me “together”.  Not a single duck strayed…. lessons learned from a duck!

3/23/2012 Give the caterpillar time….

Butterflies were probably created on day 5 or 6.  It doesn’t matter, GOD was the master designer.  Nature needs them for pollination and we enjoy their visual beauty.  We love the way they flit around and the magnificent coloration of their wings.  They are more than insects….  they are magical!  Butterflies have 4 stages… only the last stage is the gorgeous, magical stage that we adore. The next time you see someone who is still a “caterpillar”  give them time… they just might turn into the most beautiful butterfly you have ever seen! 

3/22/2012 We all have visions in our heads….

One day I went through a magical garden gate.  This gate took me to a garden like no garden I had ever seen.  It made my mind race and my plans work over time.  A private garden in Alabama was now my dream.  What did this gardener have that I didn’t… beside money, workers and time?   We all have visions in our heads…the difference is that some get to work and others don’t.

3/21/2012 We all have different sides to us…

Did you know that I take product pictures? Yes, this is a product shot from www.YourHeartsDesireGifts.com. Often we think that a person has only one side… but many times that is not true. We all have different sides to us. Remember that, it might keep you out of trouble one day!

3/20/2012 Pay close attention!

Spring is here! 

Last week I discovered  this gorgeous blooming Amaryllis. I know that just the day before I had looked in the front flower bed and didn’t see this. Our kids are kind of like that…one day we look up and they  are in full bloom! Pay close attention!

3/19/2012 It’s okay when we know the truth.

By now you know I like to photograph fish.  This fish is very different…have you picked up on what that the difference is?  The fish is a mount done by one of our very talented friends.  It’s not meant to fool but remind someone of a very special day or place.  It’s okay when we know the truth.