4/24/2012 What’s wrong with this?

Evin’s Mill, Tennessee has a long and hard-working history.  The property records show a working mill since 1824,  this mill was built around 1939 and only used for two years.  The end of an era but not the end of its usefulness.  Now the host for weddings, birthdays and business events. Folks gather and enjoy the rustic, rough, worn and delightful surroundings.  Most of us would not want to live with the old, cranky and inconvenient but we enjoy the character… but just for a while!  What’s wrong with this?

4/23/2012 I’m sorry…



“I’m sorry”… that’s the words that I used on the card with this picture. They are two very important words. 

They might be a plea for forgiveness or that they might be a show of love and concern.  You know JESUS gives us the chance to say “I’m sorry” and I am so glad!

4/22/2012 Promises….

Promises have been made and given since the creation.  They are a part of our human core.  Promises keep us motivated.  Men and women have promised to love and be faithful to each other for 1000’s of years.  Everyday let all of  us remember the promises that we have made.



4/21/2012 We celebrated!

The Bible tells us that there is a time to mourn and a time to celebrate. I had the honor of spending time with a young friend that had many challenges in her life.  The mums in the photo were a “Thank you”.    Things were  tough for my young friend, but that day… we  celebrated.

4/20/2012 We have to find the right balance…


Everything that lives in this life requires water.  We cannot live without it for many days.  The daisy will wither and die  without the drink  that either the rain or garden hose offer.

I think it is amazing that the Bible doesn’t record rain until the story of Noah.  I can just imagine the surprise of the people when they were pelted with rain drops for the first time.

We know that too much rain is as harmful as too little… God has a balance in nature.

4/19/2012 Here’s hoping everyone was having a good day….

Let’s think about the courage that it takes to get in a metal tube and be propelled through the air for thousands of miles. Flying is an amazing thing!  It takes an incredible amount of trust.  We have to trust that everyone involved in the design, construction and operation of  this wonderful machine were all having a good day. 

4/18/2012 I love Alaska!

If you do not have an Alaskan Guide that loves the land and the fish… then change guides!  Reubin Payne demonstrated his love for ALASKA  and the fish when our friend caught this fish.  The fish was past grilling  on Sunday!  This King was ready to give its eggs to produce 1000’s of salmon in the next few years.   Reubin called the authorities and told them about the condition and the location of the fish.  I love Alaska and I love….  http://www.widespreadfishing.com/   Come as a tourist and leave as a lover of ALASKA!