5/12/2012 Facts and Fiction About Apples!


 * No, we don’t know that it was an apple given  to Adam by Eve.

 * It also hasn’t been proven that an apple a day will keep the doctor away.

 * The Scriptures are the source of the popular saying “Apple of your eye”.

 * “Legend says Johnny Appleseed  was constantly planting apple seeds  in open places in the forests, along the roadways and by the streams. However, research suggests he created numerous nurseries by carefully selecting the perfect planting spot, fencing it in with fallen trees and logs, bushes and vines, sowing the seeds and returning at regular intervals to repair the fence, tend the ground and sell the trees.”

* The apple really doesn’t “fall far from the tree” means that the children will usually turn out like the parents.  Don’t despair it’s only a saying!

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