5/20/2012 A visit to Japan

Japan is a wonderful country to visit.  The people are so gracious and nice.  Yesterday we went exploring.  This is a free park and shrine on the way to Nagasaki.  We “petted” the coy and took a little walk, the kids were hungry so we started looking for a place to have lunch.  There are Mc Donald’s and KFC but they are only in the big cities.  It is fun to stop at a place that you would never think about stopping at in the states and be greeted by a little old lady so hunched over that you feel bad that she is serving you lunch.  You point at a picture and your lunch choice is made.  The kids got a lunch that was so funny.  They had a noodle bowl with tofu pink egg slice, rice cakes, meat patty about the size of a 50 cent piece, 2 french fries, a very tiny liquid yogurt and a pudding cup.  Of course the meal included a “Prize”.  The noodles were a hit!  We had a huge noodle bowl with kim chi… hot but so good.

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