5/24/2012 You have always stood out from the others.

Every now and then give an encouraging word.

Words stay with us much longer than gifts and  our minds repeat the good and the bad.

5/23/2012 The only thing I miss…

The only thing I miss about driving 29 miles each way to work for the last few years

is occasionally seeing the sunrise put on an amazing show like this.

5/22/2012 By the way…

This is a billboard on I-75 just north of Gainesville, FL that the log home business used with my picture of our log home.  I was thrilled but very curious. Why use a picture of one of the smallest homes they sell?  Never got an answer but maybe to show that “bigger” is not the only  choice. By the way, I never got paid for this picture.

5/20/2012 A visit to Japan

Japan is a wonderful country to visit.  The people are so gracious and nice.  Yesterday we went exploring.  This is a free park and shrine on the way to Nagasaki.  We “petted” the coy and took a little walk, the kids were hungry so we started looking for a place to have lunch.  There are Mc Donald’s and KFC but they are only in the big cities.  It is fun to stop at a place that you would never think about stopping at in the states and be greeted by a little old lady so hunched over that you feel bad that she is serving you lunch.  You point at a picture and your lunch choice is made.  The kids got a lunch that was so funny.  They had a noodle bowl with tofu pink egg slice, rice cakes, meat patty about the size of a 50 cent piece, 2 french fries, a very tiny liquid yogurt and a pudding cup.  Of course the meal included a “Prize”.  The noodles were a hit!  We had a huge noodle bowl with kim chi… hot but so good.

5/19/2012 Where were these 50 years ago?

I grew up in Lakeland, FL and we had several hibiscus bushes in our yard. We had the small, red kind that never opened and my friend and I would suck the sweet juice out the stem end. (I know, it might have been poisonous)  Lakeland now has spectacular varieties everywhere.  I was just thinking… I wonder if the artist and the horticulturist collaborated to develop something so beautiful?

5/18/2012 In Florida we “catch” our fish…

In Florida we “catch” our fish but we soon learned that in Alaska they “kill” their fish.  Funny, both fish end up on the dinner plate.  So I ask..”Why do we have so much trouble understanding each other?”.  People all over the world can be saying the same thing… just in a different way.