6/9/2012 You just knew that they are not from here…

The real Florida for me is the North Central area and the coast line around Cedar Key and the Suwanee River. We love to fish and relax in Steinhatchee (pronounced steen-hat-chee).

A few years ago the community suffered the same craziness in real estate development and greedy pricing that a lot of places did.  Developers came in and ripped out the wonderful boat ramp… tore down long time businesses and built expensive condos….. by the way there are many, many well-priced condos for sell now.

On our way to fish one day a couple pulled up in a big black SUV… rolled the dark tinted windows down.. removed their sun glasses and asked…  “Where is Stahyn-hat-chee?”  You just knew that they were not from here.  Boy were they surprised to find that they were in middle of the community (with its 2 gas stations, 1 grocery store, Dollar General and lots of realty companies).

Everyone wants to make a dollar but maybe the problem is we want to make more dollars than we should.

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