6/23/2012 I am so blessed!

Oak leaf hydrangea and  pink hydrangea fresh picked the morning I took this photo.

I am so blessed and I know it!

6/22/2012 Building is soo exciting…

We are all influenced by what we see, what we hear and where we go.  One year when we got home from Alaska… we put our house up for sale, built a shop with an apartment and moved to the farm!  Why?  Because we had seen so many gorgeous log homes in Alaska and put under the spell of living in something different and unique.  Well, the house sold in 3 weeks  and we moved out in  2 weeks. It took about a year for us to finalize our log home… but we were living out what we had seen, what we had heard and where we had gone.  Building is soo exciting!

6/21/2012 “Catch & Release”

The Rainbow Trout is a special and prized fish in all fisheries. One day in Soldotna, AK someone asked me “Why would you pay to fish and then release your fish?”  (In Alaska when you are fishing with a guide, most practice “catch & release”… I know they are protecting their income source.) My answer was ” The thrill of the fish on the line, the gorgeous water, the sight of such a beautiful creature of God. I don’t have to “keep” everything.”….  I “keep” the memory and I also have this wonderful picture.

6/18/2012 It makes me smile…

There is something elegant about this picture.  It makes me smile.   “A favorite of butterflies, plumbago also is one of the most popular flowering shrubs in Central and South Florida gardens. It is very fast-growing, has few problems and is almost always smiling.”

6/17/2012 When I don’t get my way…

When I don’t get my way I act the same way that Logan did in this photo!  I pout… I posture and I stand my ground!  That’s the way we all act… but maybe we should look at the way we should behave…. understand, co-operate and let others have their way!   NO! WAY!  I am going to have it  MY WAY!