7/12/2012 Fish Head Soup…

Fish head soup… now don’t freak out… you will not be looking at eyeballs staring back… you will be eating a delicious clear broth made with fresh salmon heads and vegetables that have been cooked, strained twice with wonderful herbs and noodles added.  So why do we freak out when something is different?  It’s not different to our friends, our neighbors and the rest of the world. … we have to get over this…. there are many wonderful things to eat and enjoy in this world that are not part of our personal experience.  Let’s all pledge to try something new… I won’t say unusual because that is only subject to each of our individual experiences.  One woman’s  everyday soup meal is another woman’s weird adventure!  I made this twice in Alaska last year but of course I can’t find my recipe.    I FOUND THE RECIPE:    click this link  http://fat-of-the-land.blogspot.com/2009/08/salmon-head-soup.html

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