9/1/2012 Blue Moon

Were you up last night?  Looking at the moon?  Were you glued to a TV or computer screen?  I hope not… God was working His majesty. A rare ‘blue moon’, a fitting wink to Neil Armstrong by the cosmic calendar.  He was buried yesterday… I hope that he is seeing it from a different perspective tonight.


8/28/2012 By the dawn’s early light…

“By the dawn’s early light”… famous words that mean so much to Americans. Get up early… look at the sunrise and think about the things that might happen that day!  Look forward to each day that the Lord grants!

8/26/2012 …waiting for someone…

Pulled into a boat yard to take a few pictures for my book…. a friend spotted the Barbara J…. my mind went racing and I was suddenly in the open water …fishing for salmon… telling the crew what to do, pulling in line after line of salmon and then in a flash I awoke from my  dream and realized that I was in dry dock waiting for someone to buy me and love me again.