9/28/2012 Friends

I took this photo in 2006 to celebrate the high school graduation of 6 friends…. 6 friends that had been together in school since kindergarten!  They were fine young Christian teens then and today they are  fine young Christian adults now!  Left to right… we have: a Manufacturing Operations Manager, Human Resource Manager, Dental Hygentist, Elementary School Teacher, Senior Sales Associate and US Marine headed to Afghanistan!  Makes me proud that our future is in the hands of such wonderful young adults!

9/26/2012 Too many puppies!

Our dog Kenai was about 5 years old before she had her first litter of puppies….my memory says that she had 8 but this picture only shows 6.  Anyway she was over whelmed with being a new mom and so was I.  We had a good talk and both agreed that this was not going to happen again!

9/25/2012 …a brighter, drier day…

The weather will always get its way.  The Kenai River has risen several feet within the last few days.  The river is closed, roads have caved, river water covers property  and many people have suffered.  This lovely lily was taken in Soldotna, AK on a brighter, drier day.

9/22/2012 I suspect that the birds….

One day I had a couple of dozen caterpillars on my fennel and then just a few days later none! Where did they go?  I hope that they ate their way off and formed chrysalis and went about making beautiful swallowtail butterflies… but  I do suspect that the birds might have had a feast.

9/19/2012 Keep on… keepin’ on!

Standing in the tall, tall fireweed with my friend Johan…. Johan was giving me great tips and I was loving it.  It took a few tries but I love the results.  Life is kinda like that…. sometimes we just have to….”Keep on… keepin’ on!”   Mt. Redoubt from the Nikiski Beach, Alaska.