11/11/2012 … “gentle rain”

“About 5:30 AM this morning about half way through my first cup of coffee we heard the rain hitting the tin roof.  It was one of those gentle straight down type showers that soak into the ground, the most beneficial of rain fall.  The beneficial soaking factor reminded me of the benefits of several things in life………..  Long time, faithful, dedicated friends that don’t come and go in a flash type flood of events.

 The good things in life-like the Fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control just don’t happen over a short span of time.  These items are planted, cultivated and grow into wonderful fruit for the individual soul and for others.  Good, faithful friends help us develop the Fruit of the Spirit.

 The gentle soaking rain speaks of the wonderful cycle of nature that was put in place by the Creator, God.  Who else could have put nitrogen into the rain drops.  Who besides the Creator, God could have put lightning in place to release the nitrogen into the atmosphere and nourish the vegetation. The gentle soaking rain is a refresher as is all nature even when it is not to our pleasure, it works and works well.  If man had devised it all it would be a mess.   Enjoy some of the “gentle rain” things of life.”  …    Art Jackson

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