12/21/2012 We had a feast! Final recipe post….

We had a feast…. remembered a wonderful day on the river and fantasized about next year’s adventure.  This gorgeous sockeye or his cousin was prepared perfectly.  I say take  a “recipe” and make it your own.  Trust me the writer of this “recipe” did the same thing.

ALWAYS start with wild caught  salmon (my preference is Lower Kenai River sockeye caught in August).  Portion  each filet to about 4-6  oz, place on a square of tin foil 12 inches or so.  Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Slice a sweet Vidalia onion and place a generous amount of onion on each filet. (Is there any other kind of onion?)  Sprinkle with Garlic salt, cracked pepper and if you are of the nature a little red-hot chili pepper.  Place a small pat of butter and 2 tablespoons of Meyers lemon juice (fresh squeezed from your own tree if possible.)  Close the package up leaving air space at the top… Cook for about 30 minutes.  Serve each person their own package so they can enjoy the delicious liquid created during the cooking process.

This is so easy to fix, so easy to clean up and is so YUMMY!!   Only 10 post to go!


11/14/2012 I am as bad as any of the guys!

I have decided that “fishin” is more than throwing your line into the water and pulling in your fish.  You have to buy a lot of things…. you have to spend a lot of time fixing your hooks, line and gear…. you have to make lots of plans and you have to talk about what you are goin’ to do… a lot!   That’s okay because then you get to talk a lot about what you caught, how you caught it and HOW BIG it was.  You also get to talk about the ones that got away….  I am as bad as any of the guys!

10/18/2012 …only 351 days…

The last fish of the 2012 Alaska Fishing Adventure.  The day was bittersweet… we met some wonderful new folks… our friends Laura & Butch had left for home… the day was gorgeous… the fishing had slowed down… the freezer boxes were  full…. it was our last day of fishing …  we had a 20 hour trip home ahead of us….. it was only 351 days until August 1, 2013!

9/14/2012 Kenai Big Red…

I am writing a book.  A children’s book about the life cycle of the Sockeye salmon (main character is “Big Red”).  It will have just enough facts of the process to be understood…. but it is a fantasy story of a Kenai sockeye that gets locked in the river with the winter ice before he makes it back home to the stream that he was born in.  I have been taking pictures for many years to illustrate the book and last year I met Denny.  He was fishing away and was glad to pose for me.  He is one of the main characters . ..”Kenai Big Red”. I am not calling him “Santa” but he is the source of many wonderful presents and gifts.  A few more pictures and I will be ready to move past the page numbering stage!