9/13/2012 What we call in the South…

Last Saturday we had 37 people to our house. We had what we call in the South a “covered dish”. One small departure from this southern tradition of fried chicken and potato salad was wild-caught Kenai River Sockeye. We chowed down on salmon stew and fried patties like we had never had fish before. It has been right at a month since we left Alaska. But don’t worry it is only a few thoughts away from our conversation, our memories and our plates.

9/12/2012 Who’s NOT paying attention?

The bears don’t seem to mind the fishermen.

The fishermen certainly aren’t paying attention to the bears! 

When we don’t pay attention sometimes we get in trouble.

8/14/2012 Make your own decisions….

I think that I have become a salmon snob.  We have avoided keeping any “pinks” this summer.  We were told that they are not as tasty as the sockeye…. after releasing numerous fish, we decided that we should make that determination on our own.  We kept two, a female pink and a male humpy.  After we cook them up we will know for ourselves.  Make your own decisions about fish, things, people and places.

8/8/2012 I was suppose to be somewhere else…

I was supposed to be somewhere else!  I can’t even image that I might  have missed this moment!  Up from Bing’s Landing, Sterling, Alaska.  The guides call this “the gravel bar”…. perfect spot for the beginner and the super sportsman.  We started somewhere else with other plans BUT things changed and this incredible day… fishing with friends will standout in my memory for a long time!

8/6/2012 Wild-caught!

This gorgeous salmon was wild-caught in the Kenai River in Soldotna, AK…..Thanks to God who created this beautiful fish, the State of Alaska that has done a wonderful job of managing the fishery and to my stubborn husband who just won’t give up when the fishing is tough!

8/5/2012 New spot on the river…

            We have a new spot on the river! ….. amazing place, easy standing in the river,

great scenery, abundant fish action,

LONG walk back with your fish…. oh, well… no one promised that it would be easy!