7/31/2012 Victory!

“Victory”  What a powerful word!  It means something different to everyone… my “Victory” might be your everyday. Maybe I will start saying “Victory” instead of “Hello”.

ps…. as of 8/1/2012 to 8/15/2012  all post will be from our 2012 trip to Alaska!

7/30/2012 Such a gentleman!

Small party boat out of Homer, Alaska 2011 bound for the “chicken hole”.  Loaded with tourist paying good money to be seasick, cold and wet.  All of this for the hope of catching 2 halibut.  This type of fishing boat goes to fishing holes that usually offer the small halibut, typically about 25 lbs or less.  The crew is young, strong and helpful.  I was so seasick… Jack let me hook my two fish… then he pulled them in before he fished.  He is such a gentleman!

7/28/2012 The Bible speaks of “faith”…

In Hebrews the Bible speaks of faith…. Hebrews 11:1…” Now faith is the substance of things hoped for…”  Now I would not say that eating and sharing all of last year’s salmon before we left for our Alaska trip with the “faith” of catching a new year’s supply is what Hebrews was teaching but we sure “hope” that we come home with 200 lbs!

(By the way, the phone number is for the cabins that we stay at… Tony is a great guy but you have to call on 1/1/2013 if you want a cabin for next year.)

7/17/2012 The fish seem to know…

Anchor Creek in Alaska is a beautiful winding river.  I was on the bridge above Jack and the fishermen when I took this picture.  (If I had my new camera lens then I could have snapped the fishes’ pictures) The most amazing thing was that I could see the King Salmon swimming in the clear water below.  The guys were not fishing for Kings ( you must have a tag and there are only certain days that you can fish for Kings).  The fish seem to know that they were safe and lazily swam around in the stream.   Jack  said that he could see the Kings moving back and forth in the shallow water.   I have said before “the right time at the right place” is what makes the difference  a lot of times in life. 

6/21/2012 “Catch & Release”

The Rainbow Trout is a special and prized fish in all fisheries. One day in Soldotna, AK someone asked me “Why would you pay to fish and then release your fish?”  (In Alaska when you are fishing with a guide, most practice “catch & release”… I know they are protecting their income source.) My answer was ” The thrill of the fish on the line, the gorgeous water, the sight of such a beautiful creature of God. I don’t have to “keep” everything.”….  I “keep” the memory and I also have this wonderful picture.