10/21/2012 This is the best I could do!

We have friends that have been on the search for the best Fall color… we have relatives that have invited us to come see the Fall color show… we have a son who takes great pictures of Fall leaves.  Well… this is the best I can do for now.  Florida Fall color is a little hard to come by.



10/11/2012 Totally country!

A back road in central Florida.  A very peaceful spot that hasn’t been taken over by strip malls, gas stations and too many vehicles.  Florida has a split personality…. international, exotic, theme parked, over populated, fast paced winter refuge  and then there are dense brushy hammocks of pine and oak,  palmetto prairies, large and small horse farms, rolling acres of peanuts, hay and watermelons and lots of quiet, sleepy communities that are totally country.  I prefer the totally country.

9/6/2012 Somethings are worth saving!

“Evinston, FL…the post office was  established in 1882 and later moved into the this building. The present store sits 100 feet south of its original location. It was moved in 1956 because of road paving. Located across from the railroad depot, it was a meeting place then as now. In 1909 H.D. Wood and Robert Evins bought the store. The later partnership of Wood and Swink, in 1934, is still indicated on the store front. Fred Wood became postmaster of Evinston in 1934 and served for 44 years, longer than any other postmaster in Florida. Still containing original post office boxes and equipment, this is one of the few remaining country store-post offices.”  Recent closures of post offices passed this site by!  Somethings are worth saving!

9/3/2012 …long time bond of love…

A morning of exploring took me to a cemetery in Marion County.  This unique gravestone is for Edwin L. Smith,  Company G, 3rd Florida Infantry, Confederate Sates of America….Born August 11, 1842…Died December 26, 1934.  The story goes that his faithful dog died two days later and the family placed this monument looking toward the stone to honor their long time bond of love.