5/31/2012 Oh… if it was only that easy…

When we visited the Omura Castle near Nagaski, Japan we saw lots of unusual buildings and gorgeous gardens.  We were told that the papers tied to the wire are request or wishes for things that you want to happen.  Many of them were faded and washed out, some were newly written. Oh… if it was that easy.  Christians call this request “prayer”.


5/27/2012 A day at the park

Japan is filled with parks, playgrounds, picnic spaces, slides and trails.  It took me a little while to figure out that the reason is that typically they do not have yards.  We have gotten so use to our lawns with grass, flowers and shrubs even with the most modest of  homes.  One country’s expected is the other’s abundance.

5/20/2012 A visit to Japan

Japan is a wonderful country to visit.  The people are so gracious and nice.  Yesterday we went exploring.  This is a free park and shrine on the way to Nagasaki.  We “petted” the coy and took a little walk, the kids were hungry so we started looking for a place to have lunch.  There are Mc Donald’s and KFC but they are only in the big cities.  It is fun to stop at a place that you would never think about stopping at in the states and be greeted by a little old lady so hunched over that you feel bad that she is serving you lunch.  You point at a picture and your lunch choice is made.  The kids got a lunch that was so funny.  They had a noodle bowl with tofu pink egg slice, rice cakes, meat patty about the size of a 50 cent piece, 2 french fries, a very tiny liquid yogurt and a pudding cup.  Of course the meal included a “Prize”.  The noodles were a hit!  We had a huge noodle bowl with kim chi… hot but so good.