12/25/2012 Happy Holidays! Final Still Life post….

Happy Holidays!   Only 6 post to go!


11/28/2012 …back in the day.

Just the other morning Jack and I were discussing the changes that we have seen in our lives.  Many things that were “necessities” are now “collectibles”.  I remember … I would place the empty milk bottles at the front door and the milkman would deliver fresh milk every other day and that was only 40 years ago.  I bet these milk bottles would sell for a whole lot more than the price of milk back in the day.

11/20/2012 I just waste time!

Thanksgiving centerpiece….. mustard greens and all kinds of  peppers…. straight from the garden.  Won’t be part of Thursday’s dinner but I am sure that they fill find their way into something yummy in a few days.  I don’t usually waste any food… I just waste time!


11/10/2012… one little word…

I am not much of a reader… but when I was in elementary school I read “The Secret Garden”.  I was looking for the book on the internet after deciding to post this picture from our visit to Jim Scott’s garden in Alabama last year…. Oh, my was I surprised to find the number of titles that came up in my search!  One little word makes a world of difference between a sweet memory and a world that I want no part of.


10/28/2012 Where’s Waldo??

The car show was so much fun.  I was very surprised that 98% of the cars at this show were American made.  I saw more cars that were “home-grown” and “hand-made” than those that were restored just with the dollar bill.  There are many creative and talented people in this world.  This agua blue Chevrolet was among my favorites.  Where’s Waldo?