11/28/2012 …back in the day.

Just the other morning Jack and I were discussing the changes that we have seen in our lives.  Many things that were “necessities” are now “collectibles”.  I remember … I would place the empty milk bottles at the front door and the milkman would deliver fresh milk every other day and that was only 40 years ago.  I bet these milk bottles would sell for a whole lot more than the price of milk back in the day.

11/20/2012 I just waste time!

Thanksgiving centerpiece….. mustard greens and all kinds of  peppers…. straight from the garden.  Won’t be part of Thursday’s dinner but I am sure that they fill find their way into something yummy in a few days.  I don’t usually waste any food… I just waste time!


11/10/2012… one little word…

I am not much of a reader… but when I was in elementary school I read “The Secret Garden”.  I was looking for the book on the internet after deciding to post this picture from our visit to Jim Scott’s garden in Alabama last year…. Oh, my was I surprised to find the number of titles that came up in my search!  One little word makes a world of difference between a sweet memory and a world that I want no part of.


10/28/2012 Where’s Waldo??

The car show was so much fun.  I was very surprised that 98% of the cars at this show were American made.  I saw more cars that were “home-grown” and “hand-made” than those that were restored just with the dollar bill.  There are many creative and talented people in this world.  This agua blue Chevrolet was among my favorites.  Where’s Waldo?

10/16/2012 I love it!

 A country wedding table…. warm, welcoming, low-key and gorgeous! There seems to be a turning back to home weddings, simple, wild flowers, home-cooked food and having your friends help with the celebration…. and I love it!