10/25/2012 Huge Traffic Jam!

Huge traffic jam at the Ocala Pumpkin Run Car Show this morning….. Ocala loves its old cars!

Oh!  Did I forget to mention… they are only 6 inches long!


10/19/2012 Kentucky here I come!

It must be fall!  The pumpkins are all dressed up!   Kentucky pumpkins here I come!

10/16/2012 I love it!

 A country wedding table…. warm, welcoming, low-key and gorgeous! There seems to be a turning back to home weddings, simple, wild flowers, home-cooked food and having your friends help with the celebration…. and I love it!

8/23/2012 Someone worked really hard…

Someone worked really hard… the farmer plowed and planted the garden… God gave the sunshine and the rain…someone picked, sorted, cleaned and pickled the bounty…  all of this to be sold for $6.00 in the sweetest old store and Post Office in Evinston, FL.  Thanks to everyone.