7/31/2012 Victory!

“Victory”  What a powerful word!  It means something different to everyone… my “Victory” might be your everyday. Maybe I will start saying “Victory” instead of “Hello”.

ps…. as of 8/1/2012 to 8/15/2012  all post will be from our 2012 trip to Alaska!

7/23/2012 I am behind and still have so much to do!

The rocking chair behind the fern is calling my name.  Processing chickens for the freezer, gathering the last of the veggies, making 4 pints of the hottest hot sauce ever …( I think that the hotter the weather is the hotter the peppers) 8 pints of chicken broth with the bony pieces of the chicken for the freezer,  fried chicken, smothered cabbage, peas and noodles for supper.  Oh! I almost forgot, I worked today at my little part-time job!  Finished the wedding photos for our friends, Paul & Ginny and worked on the church website.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what Jack did today…. I sure hope that I get to sit in that pretty rocker soon.  So much for retirement!

6/11/2012 Tomatoes!

Cherry, Plum, Roma, Cherokee, Hybrid, Heirloom, Beef Steak, Grape, Zebra, Yellow, Green,

Globe, Pineapple, Determinate and Indeterminate.  Sounds like the United Nations to me! 

Today we are serving Cherry.

6/8/2012 A few minutes of fun…



This morning Jack brought in a big basket of veggies from the garden.  I was working away and he called me to see his creation!  This is too hilarious!  Lettuce, yellow peppers, jalapeno peppers, eggplant and an egg.

I just about forgot…  adorable cherry tomato eyes!

6/5/2012 When the spotlight is on…


This little fellow was out of his normal environment.  He had hopped up on the back door one night and with lights from the back and front he was glowing.

I don’t think that he was really this color…. kind of like when the spotlight is on someone they often do not behave like they normally would.