12/27/2012 Kids think work is… Final Farm post

It is never too early to develop the love of the land.  Kids think “work” is fun when they are this age.  Emily loved helping in her GrandDad’s cabbage patch. Now that she’s a big girl… I pray everyday that she will keep her feet on the ground, her hands close to the soil and her heart on GOD!   Only 4 post to go!

Cabbage Patch

11/17/2012 …if we only …

Time is so fleeting and passes faster that seems possible.  When did this precious hand go from soo tiny to soo busy?  If we only knew how short this time was… if we only had enough patience to enjoy every moment, if we only…

7/18/2012 Enjoy the sleeping baby!

The most cherished time when you have a new baby is those  blissful moments when they are sleeping.  When a new baby comes into the family there are more things to do, more responsibilities, more stresses and less sleep.  Soon they will  be walking, talking and into everything.  My precious mother-in-law would say “They are stepping on your toes now but  soon they will be stepping on your heart”.  Freida was so right and wise.  Enjoy the sleeping baby! 

2/24/2012 This is pretty sweet….

About 10 years ago I met this sweet baby’s mother.  She was about 17 and still trying to figure out a few things about life.  I have  taught, mentored and worked with her.  She grew up and came back to work at  the school where we first met.  Life happens and she moved on,  she now has 3 kids, a husband and is going to college.  There are many good reasons to not give up!  You go, Yadi!