2/19/2012 This baby is really cute…

This is a really cute baby that grows up to be a very odd looking animal.  We went to a wildlife park and with the help of a really good long lens got up close and personal …  I felt like I was right there with this baby moose.


1/31/2012 Emily is quiet the little model…

Emily loves to have her picture taken… she was about 18 months old when they visited the farm in early March 2007. This was the same session that she wore the horsey outfit and I won the Florida Farm Bureau contest.  Grandkids are a blessing!

1/17/ 2012 I can’t believe that Emily’s 7 years old.

This amazing little pink bundle of joy came into our lives on January 17, 2005.  Margaret, her other Grandmother and I were both there in California for the birth.  Raines was deployed and did not get home until about 10 days after.  I know everyone has a birth story but Callie tried for 3 days to have this child and we went back and forth to the hospital which was about 20 miles away and up a mountain with a winding road numerous times… anyway Emily was born… Nana was in the delivery room with Callie… BUT I was the one with the magic bracelet that said I could carry her to the nursery.  The most thrilling 25 feet I ever walked! Happy Birthday ,Emily Elizabeth Jackson.