12/4/2012 YOU RULE!

Brown bear or Black bear?  Doesn’t matter when you have claws like these two… YOU RULE!


10/9/2012 … kind of mad at myself…

I have lost a dvd with pictures from our 2007 trip to  Wolverine Creek. This bear swam around the boat numerous times and stopped and snacked on lily pads.  I have looked everywhere and I finally gave up and scanned the picture from my album.  Makes me sad, makes me kind of mad at myself that I lost something that I value.  I will continue to look and just like the other day I will probably find two other things that I looked for earlier!

1/12/2012 One of those day you will never forget!

We (Robert & Peggy Smith, Jack and I and our guide, Reubin Payne ) were sitting in a boat about 15 feet from this boat.  Everyone was looking at a huge bear (check out the picture of 1/5/2012… that’s the bear that was sitting on a rock and quickly jumped in the water after a salmon).  I don’t think that the guys in this boat were aware of how close the bear was to them.  Wolverine Creek is always one of those days that you will never forget.

1/5/2012 Oh, I remember this day…

There were 6 bears that swam around us that were fishing, just like us. This big boy jumped in and got his fish! I have video of the other bears swimming around us. Wolverine Creek is a fly across the Gulf of Alaska. The plane puts you and your guide down and comes back later that day. It is an amazing experience. We just got a call from Tony at the cabins in Alaska. He has a spot for us!  YEAH! Come on 8/1/2012.