7/3/2012 Memories

This year I have only seen one of my favorite butterflies.  The zinnias have not done well, the fennel is full but no caterpillars, the passion vine is everywhere BUT there are very few butterflies.  Makes me glad I have the pictures.  The pictures bring back a memory, a day, a time.   When you need a lift get out your old pics, open that cd full of images, browse that memory stick and if you are like me find the floppy disc that is under the desk.  It just might make you smile.

6/3/2012 Something special…



Every now and then you see something special…

Something that is different from the ordinary, something that you won’t see tomorrow and you didn’t see yesterday. 

Butterflies are like that, very illusive and very special.  I am always thankful when my camera is given the opportunity to capture their beauty and grace.

4/27/2012 Something to look forward to!

Looking forward to things is such a delight.  We anticipate Christmas, visitors coming, special occasions and here at SunnySide Farm we look forward to the arrival of the summer butterflies.  This beauty is the Zebra Longwing.  We have only had a few visits and never a glimpse of the white caterpillar with black spots .  I will do the happy dance if I see one on the passion vines in the back pasture.

4/11/2012 Where are the butterflies?


I really, really, really need for the butterflies to come… I have only seen two or three and my zinnias are NOT up yet. I am a little worried!

I wonder how it would be to “order” what you  wanted from Mother Nature? Right amount of sun, perfect measure of rain, not too hot or cold… the same results season after season.

Why didn’t Adam & Eve behave themselves and stay in the Garden of Eden?

4/8/2012 Amazing!

The common name of this AMAZING  flower is “Passion Flower”.  The story is told that some priests and early missionaries liked to use the complex flower parts to teach about the different elements in the crucifixion and Christ’s resurrection, hence the name  “Passion Flower”.  The plant is a common Florida native and the host for three of Florida’s most beautiful butterflies, zebra, gulf fritillary and the Julia.  I love the name and always love being reminded of the sacrifice made for me.