10/7/2012 “What cha lookin at?”

“What cha lookin at?”  Do you remember that line?  It is so weird how somethings stick in our minds….. knowing that I had better be careful who I hang around and what I listen to!

7/9/2012 …”dumb animals”…

Cows are so funny!  They each have their own personalities and temperament.  Charlie was not the “head cow in charge” but her job this day was to baby sit Alphie…  Alphie is the first-born of Alpha…. Alpha is our very first cow.  I have heard some say…”dumb animals”…  but that is not true.  God created the animals with personalities, intelligence and love for others.  Doesn’t matter dog, cat, horse or cow they are all God’s creatures.!

6/16/2012 In your face….

Have you ever had anyone in your “face”?  It is not NOT nice and it is NOT necessary!

You can let anyone know how you feel and what you think without getting in their “face”.

We need to remember how to be polite and express our opinions without being in their “face”.