12/18/2012 God had arranged the last.

Woke up this morning in Sasebo, Japan thinking about home a little… thinking about the family from church and missing Kenai, our black lab.  I was still looking for a picture for today’s post and decided on this one taken a few days before we left .. .I thanked my friends for letting me take their photos with the family and their dogs and arranging such a sunset.  Andrew  said that he was only responsible for the  first two… God had arranged the last.  Thank you GOD!

9/3/2012 …long time bond of love…

A morning of exploring took me to a cemetery in Marion County.  This unique gravestone is for Edwin L. Smith,  Company G, 3rd Florida Infantry, Confederate Sates of America….Born August 11, 1842…Died December 26, 1934.  The story goes that his faithful dog died two days later and the family placed this monument looking toward the stone to honor their long time bond of love.