9/14/2012 Kenai Big Red…

I am writing a book.  A children’s book about the life cycle of the Sockeye salmon (main character is “Big Red”).  It will have just enough facts of the process to be understood…. but it is a fantasy story of a Kenai sockeye that gets locked in the river with the winter ice before he makes it back home to the stream that he was born in.  I have been taking pictures for many years to illustrate the book and last year I met Denny.  He was fishing away and was glad to pose for me.  He is one of the main characters . ..”Kenai Big Red”. I am not calling him “Santa” but he is the source of many wonderful presents and gifts.  A few more pictures and I will be ready to move past the page numbering stage!

7/31/2012 Victory!

“Victory”  What a powerful word!  It means something different to everyone… my “Victory” might be your everyday. Maybe I will start saying “Victory” instead of “Hello”.

ps…. as of 8/1/2012 to 8/15/2012  all post will be from our 2012 trip to Alaska!

6/7/2012 Give them room..

An amazing day to see several bears fishing and playing… but to see a cub nuzzling his (her) mother!  Words can’t describe!  I don’t have a super long lens and I was about 30 feet away in a boat.  Everyone stops fishing when the bears come to the creek.  The stop fishing rule is for safety, but just think about it…. When something this special and this big comes into your space you move over and give them room.

4/28/2012 Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see? You have heard the stories about the salmon in Alaska.  How they are so thick that you can just reach down and pick one up.  How they jump into the bear’s mouth.  How they come into the rivers in the millions.  Well… all of that is true, but it’s not true all the time.  It is very frustrating when you can see the fish and you can’t catch the fish! 

4/18/2012 I love Alaska!

If you do not have an Alaskan Guide that loves the land and the fish… then change guides!  Reubin Payne demonstrated his love for ALASKA  and the fish when our friend caught this fish.  The fish was past grilling  on Sunday!  This King was ready to give its eggs to produce 1000’s of salmon in the next few years.   Reubin called the authorities and told them about the condition and the location of the fish.  I love Alaska and I love….  http://www.widespreadfishing.com/   Come as a tourist and leave as a lover of ALASKA!

4/7/2012 Salmon on a fly rod!

Salmon on a fly rod… this is not the easiest way to get your sockeye.  Jack loves his  fly rods, he has made several and redone more.  He tells me often how when he was a boy growing up in Lakeland, FL about a neighbor telling story after story about going to Alaska to work  on the pipeline and fish. Those words stuck with him and 50 something years later, he began to live out his dreams. Good things come to those that “bait”.

3/19/2012 It’s okay when we know the truth.

By now you know I like to photograph fish.  This fish is very different…have you picked up on what that the difference is?  The fish is a mount done by one of our very talented friends.  It’s not meant to fool but remind someone of a very special day or place.  It’s okay when we know the truth.