11/20/2012 I just waste time!

Thanksgiving centerpiece….. mustard greens and all kinds of  peppers…. straight from the garden.  Won’t be part of Thursday’s dinner but I am sure that they fill find their way into something yummy in a few days.  I don’t usually waste any food… I just waste time!


11/18/2012 … you have no idea…

I love all of the comments being made this week about “Thankfulness”… Here’s my words to you!

11/12/2012 Thankfully God is more generous with us.

 Daylily… the name given to this species of flower which typically last no more than 24 hours. Most flowers open in early morning and wither during the following night. Thankfully God is more generous with us.

11/11/2012 … “gentle rain”

“About 5:30 AM this morning about half way through my first cup of coffee we heard the rain hitting the tin roof.  It was one of those gentle straight down type showers that soak into the ground, the most beneficial of rain fall.  The beneficial soaking factor reminded me of the benefits of several things in life………..  Long time, faithful, dedicated friends that don’t come and go in a flash type flood of events.

 The good things in life-like the Fruit of the Spirit, love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control just don’t happen over a short span of time.  These items are planted, cultivated and grow into wonderful fruit for the individual soul and for others.  Good, faithful friends help us develop the Fruit of the Spirit.

 The gentle soaking rain speaks of the wonderful cycle of nature that was put in place by the Creator, God.  Who else could have put nitrogen into the rain drops.  Who besides the Creator, God could have put lightning in place to release the nitrogen into the atmosphere and nourish the vegetation. The gentle soaking rain is a refresher as is all nature even when it is not to our pleasure, it works and works well.  If man had devised it all it would be a mess.   Enjoy some of the “gentle rain” things of life.”  …    Art Jackson

11/9/2012 Well, I guess I did!

I love editing software.  I get on these kicks where I want to edit everything.  The year I took this picture I was into “paint effects”.  The picture was not the sharpest but the colors interested me.  After I applied the effect I had a 16 X 20 print made.  I just couldn’t stop so I added clear gesso over the photo.  That summer I “gessoed” everything in sight.  This picture hangs in my living room still today.  I have been asked if I “painted” it.  Well, I guess I did!

11/2/2012… when we weren’t even looking.

This past summer our youngest son’s wife asked him to water her herb plants while she was gone.  He said that watering and caring for them gave him a peaceful feeling.  Since then he has grown tomatoes, peppers, zinnias, zucchini and this beautiful dahlia.  We have had numerous conversations about the how to… (I love it).  He has bought books and done research and loves the Johnny’s Seed Catalog that we sent him.  He already is planning how and what he is going to plant next Spring.  Sometime something comes along that grabs us when we weren’t even looking.