12/23/2012 Cousins…. sometimes

Cousins… sometimes they are your best friend.. sometimes they are your first playmates… sometimes they annoy you beyond measure…BUT it’s that bond of family that makes life so special!  (These are not my kiddos.)Cousins

9/26/2012 Too many puppies!

Our dog Kenai was about 5 years old before she had her first litter of puppies….my memory says that she had 8 but this picture only shows 6.  Anyway she was over whelmed with being a new mom and so was I.  We had a good talk and both agreed that this was not going to happen again!

7/25/2012 Friends

Now this was a group… a retired Washington State Senator, a French Bridge Builder, a Real Estate Broker, a retired IBM’er and a global Disaster Relief Co-ordinator!  The one thing in common is they love to fish and tell fishing tales.  To make new friends and renew friendships is such a blessing.  Can’t wait to see who comes into our lives this year! 

7/22/2012 Sweet Pineapple Cheese


4-8oz cream cheese soften

1 large can crushed pineapple—drained

½ -3/4 cup chopped pecans

Sugar to taste—1/4 to ½ cup

1 tsp vanilla

Whole almond slices brown in butter (sliced almond—whole pieces)

Mix cream cheese, drained pineapple, nuts, vanilla and sugar.  Pour into 8” cake pan.  Chill until firm.  Place  browned almonds on top.  Serve with crackers.  I have the sweetest best friend who is the world’s best cook!  Ms. Pat made this delicious spread for a wedding this weekend and it was scrumpious…. When I grow up I want to just like her.  Follw her recipe blog… click here.

7/18/2012 Enjoy the sleeping baby!

The most cherished time when you have a new baby is those  blissful moments when they are sleeping.  When a new baby comes into the family there are more things to do, more responsibilities, more stresses and less sleep.  Soon they will  be walking, talking and into everything.  My precious mother-in-law would say “They are stepping on your toes now but  soon they will be stepping on your heart”.  Freida was so right and wise.  Enjoy the sleeping baby! 

6/28/2012 A little time alone…

Our neighbors took a quiet canoe ride one evening.  They included their dog but they didn’t invite us. We waved and called out our greetings but they didn’t invite us to join them.  Sometimes it is nice to take a few minutes and spend a little time alone… alone time with someone that you love.