9/18/2012 A few of my favorite things!

5/19/2012 Where were these 50 years ago?

I grew up in Lakeland, FL and we had several hibiscus bushes in our yard. We had the small, red kind that never opened and my friend and I would suck the sweet juice out the stem end. (I know, it might have been poisonous)  Lakeland now has spectacular varieties everywhere.  I was just thinking… I wonder if the artist and the horticulturist collaborated to develop something so beautiful?

2/28/2012 I had better get to work….

I love how this hibiscus still looks beautiful even though it has had its “day of glory”.  One of my desires is to live my life so that when my life has had its “day of glory”, I can  have some small measure of beauty.  Now considering that I never had much outer beauty, I had better get to work on the inner beauty…  I believe what Solomon wrote in  Ecclesiastes… “He has made everything beautiful in its time.”

2/2/2012 Hollis Gardens

Hollis Gardens in Lakeland, Florida is one of my favorite places to take “flower” pictures.  A small garden with lots of wonderful ideas and motivation.  I always come home wanting to add, rework and plant my yard.  I used this picture on one of my cards.