8/17/2012 … a good balance…

I remember…. I remember where I was the day I took this photo.  I remember the warm sunshine, the wonderful company and the beautiful park that we were visiting.  Memories to me are so important…. they give me a lift when I need encouragement and when I feel a little lonely.  Memories also keep me out of situations that I don’t want to revisit.  Make sure you  keep a good balance in your memory bank.

6/1/2012 Timing is everything!

It is almost iris season in Japan.  The parks and shrines have huge beds that are

ready to pop out with thousands of the gorgeous iris blooms. 


I did not take this video ( I wish I had)  but it shows how beautiful and peaceful the park was.  We were a little early for the big show of flowers but what we saw was wonderful.  I guess timing in everything.