12/27/2012 Kids think work is… Final Farm post

It is never too early to develop the love of the land.  Kids think “work” is fun when they are this age.  Emily loved helping in her GrandDad’s cabbage patch. Now that she’s a big girl… I pray everyday that she will keep her feet on the ground, her hands close to the soil and her heart on GOD!   Only 4 post to go!

Cabbage Patch

12/24/2012 I had a great discussion…

A little “attitude” is fun and okay for pictures…. but it’s not pretty in life!

I had a great discussion with Emily about the difference.


11/3/2012 …greens and purples…

Logan is six years old now.  He started kindergarten this year and is doing great.  He told me…”I have only had greens and purples”.  In his kindergarten that’s the best you can get. He has demonstrated several actions that show that he knows that “conduct” is important.  My prayer everyday is that he always has greens and purples in his life.

10/20/2012 Friends & Family

I had a wonderful day…. friends came out and I took family pictures.  I have a bit more work to do before I share the pictures with them…  BUT I could not resist posting Miss Gracie’s picture.  It is such a joy to be part of a large extended family from our church.  Friends & Family are truly a blessing.

7/20/2012 Through the eyes of a child!

Through the eyes of a child…. does that mean  they see different or just clearer?  The Bible speaks of the eyes dimming with age and from my experience I know how true that is.  A little research on the internet revealed a song by Patsy Cline.  The lyrics of one verse says…”If I could see the world, Through the eyes of a child.  Smiling faces would greet me all the while.  Like a lovely work of art, It would warm my weary heart, Just to see through the eyes of a child.”  Thank you Lord for the gift of children.