9/25/2012 …a brighter, drier day…

The weather will always get its way.  The Kenai River has risen several feet within the last few days.  The river is closed, roads have caved, river water covers property  and many people have suffered.  This lovely lily was taken in Soldotna, AK on a brighter, drier day.

7/4/2012 The flowers look great!

The flowers in Alaska are abundant and beautiful….. the many hours of soft sunlight and  misty days creates the perfect combination to bless the flowers.  Everybody has flowers… the yard might have abandoned vehicles,  junk from many years and the siding might not be on the house  but the flowers look great!   Maybe they have their priorities in the right order!

1/25/2012 The lily was saying “WOW”.

Alaskan Lily! The days can be gray and dreary but the lilies of Alaska thrive! Jack and I (trust me, we must have caught all of the fish we could take home) were roaming and taking photos, this was at the Fireweed Nursery in Kenai, AK. The shot was taken looking directly down on the flower.  Only God could have dreamed up such a treat!

1/8/2012 I know that I probably take too many photos of flowers, but who can resist!

God is such an artist…. the most beautiful color combinations, balance, grandeur, elegance and perfection….no earthly artist can do this billions of times a year, year after year!  This beautiful lily was in Soldotna, Alaska.