10/27/2012 …toss on the compost pile.

For years I have waited on this camellia plant.  We have moved it, pruned it, watered and fertilized it.  This year from a very scrawny bush comes forth this beautiful bloom.  Not much in the aroma department but with water droplet jewelery, it is drop down gorgeous.  Nature has its own time-table and we sometimes just have to wait.  I am really glad that I didn’t dig it up and toss on the compost pile.

10/21/2012 This is the best I could do!

We have friends that have been on the search for the best Fall color… we have relatives that have invited us to come see the Fall color show… we have a son who takes great pictures of Fall leaves.  Well… this is the best I can do for now.  Florida Fall color is a little hard to come by.


10/11/2012 Totally country!

A back road in central Florida.  A very peaceful spot that hasn’t been taken over by strip malls, gas stations and too many vehicles.  Florida has a split personality…. international, exotic, theme parked, over populated, fast paced winter refuge  and then there are dense brushy hammocks of pine and oak,  palmetto prairies, large and small horse farms, rolling acres of peanuts, hay and watermelons and lots of quiet, sleepy communities that are totally country.  I prefer the totally country.

10/8/2012 … they keep on giving!

Every October we have a massive display of  Swamp Sunflowers ( at least that is name that we were told).  They grow as high as 10 feet tall and are full of bright yellow flowers.  The man who sold them to us said “You only need one pot.”   We didn’t understand at the time but he was so right…. they just keep on giving!

10/6/2012…wild passion…

The Gulf Fritillary Butterfly has silver spots on the underside of their wings  that glisten in the sunlight.  They love the wild passion vine and lay their eggs on the vines that grow all over central Florida.  I am thankful to have a pasture that they make themselves at home in.