11/30/2012 If things were this simple.

If things were this simple.   I have done this sign before but this time I was struck by the co-operation and care shown between the girls at school.

11/23/2012 It will make a difference!

Who a I going to be?  What will I do with my life?  Big question for such a tiny person.   So many decisions, interventions and prayers will go into the life these bright eyes will make.  Mama,  Daddy, GrandDaddy, Grandmother and so many others will have an influence on this life…. Go to God ask Him about the life of your children.  It will make a difference!

8/25/2012 No… I don’t remember…

NO…I don’t remember this ….. the Coke that I bought out of this was 60 cents and in a can… but I am sure that is not what started out in this Coke cooler.  Things change.. people change… products change…  prices change… BUT sometimes its nice to think aout  what was “back in the day”!

3/27/2012 Friends are one of life’s treasures…

Even the youngest know the support         and encouragement that friends offer.

 Remember the old saying …                          “To have a friend you have to be friend”.

Friends are one of life’s treasures.