11/5/2012 Perfect combo!

A beautiful eight pound Sockeye Salmon, garnished with a sixty year old plus honey patina split bamboo fly rod restored in 2001.  Perfect combo!


9/25/2012 …a brighter, drier day…

The weather will always get its way.  The Kenai River has risen several feet within the last few days.  The river is closed, roads have caved, river water covers property  and many people have suffered.  This lovely lily was taken in Soldotna, AK on a brighter, drier day.

9/19/2012 Keep on… keepin’ on!

Standing in the tall, tall fireweed with my friend Johan…. Johan was giving me great tips and I was loving it.  It took a few tries but I love the results.  Life is kinda like that…. sometimes we just have to….”Keep on… keepin’ on!”   Mt. Redoubt from the Nikiski Beach, Alaska.

9/14/2012 Kenai Big Red…

I am writing a book.  A children’s book about the life cycle of the Sockeye salmon (main character is “Big Red”).  It will have just enough facts of the process to be understood…. but it is a fantasy story of a Kenai sockeye that gets locked in the river with the winter ice before he makes it back home to the stream that he was born in.  I have been taking pictures for many years to illustrate the book and last year I met Denny.  He was fishing away and was glad to pose for me.  He is one of the main characters . ..”Kenai Big Red”. I am not calling him “Santa” but he is the source of many wonderful presents and gifts.  A few more pictures and I will be ready to move past the page numbering stage!

9/13/2012 What we call in the South…

Last Saturday we had 37 people to our house. We had what we call in the South a “covered dish”. One small departure from this southern tradition of fried chicken and potato salad was wild-caught Kenai River Sockeye. We chowed down on salmon stew and fried patties like we had never had fish before. It has been right at a month since we left Alaska. But don’t worry it is only a few thoughts away from our conversation, our memories and our plates.