12/27/2012 Kids think work is… Final Farm post

It is never too early to develop the love of the land.  Kids think “work” is fun when they are this age.  Emily loved helping in her GrandDad’s cabbage patch. Now that she’s a big girl… I pray everyday that she will keep her feet on the ground, her hands close to the soil and her heart on GOD!   Only 4 post to go!

Cabbage Patch

9/2/2012 I need to make better plans…

I am a sucker for hydrangea. ( I should have posted this picture in the spring time…but I procrastinated.)  Just today I was talking with someone about what happened to my hydrangea last winter.  We only had two nights below freezing… one was  late and  just as the  old canes  started to rebud, they froze again.  My plants bloom on old canes…so this year not a single flower. I need to make better plans if I want better results… no procrastinating.

5/11/2012 Spring Garden..

If you have ever planted a garden, then you know that it is work.  But nothing is better than when you spread  melting butter over a fresh ear of corn from your own garden and take the first bite of the season. Corn taste sweeter, beans are crisper and tomatoes actually taste like tomatoes!  I am not much for this end of the garden work, but I can cook up a feast with the rewards!  I would say that Jack and I are a pretty good team!