12/6/2012 …center of attention…

Do you ever feel the need to be the “center of attention”?  Tell the truth all of us have the urge for the spotlight.   

11/12/2012 Thankfully God is more generous with us.

 Daylily… the name given to this species of flower which typically last no more than 24 hours. Most flowers open in early morning and wither during the following night. Thankfully God is more generous with us.

10/16/2012 I love it!

 A country wedding table…. warm, welcoming, low-key and gorgeous! There seems to be a turning back to home weddings, simple, wild flowers, home-cooked food and having your friends help with the celebration…. and I love it!

10/11/2012 Totally country!

A back road in central Florida.  A very peaceful spot that hasn’t been taken over by strip malls, gas stations and too many vehicles.  Florida has a split personality…. international, exotic, theme parked, over populated, fast paced winter refuge  and then there are dense brushy hammocks of pine and oak,  palmetto prairies, large and small horse farms, rolling acres of peanuts, hay and watermelons and lots of quiet, sleepy communities that are totally country.  I prefer the totally country.

10/6/2012…wild passion…

The Gulf Fritillary Butterfly has silver spots on the underside of their wings  that glisten in the sunlight.  They love the wild passion vine and lay their eggs on the vines that grow all over central Florida.  I am thankful to have a pasture that they make themselves at home in.