7/27/2012 Keep on the sunnyside!

This lovely sunflower was tied to the sprinkler post in the garden and grew extremely tall.  The thing about the picture is that I  “cutout”  the background to focus on the flower.  Now wouldn’t it be nice to be able to “cutout” the noisy, busy background from our lives with a click of the mouse!  Keep on the sunnyside.

7/13/2012 …let us know how hard…

The really cute hand in this picture is mine…. It was stretched as high as I could make it go ( I am 5 foot tall).  I wanted to show the scale and height of this sunflower.  I wish everything in life would have something to judge the scale by… let us know how hard, how easy, how important and maybe how much trouble it was going to get us in!  (Yes I held up my left hand and took the picture with my right… pretty talented.)