6/10/2012 In the Morning of Glory..

The hymn “In the Morning of Joy” came to  mind when I was looking at this Morning Glory picture.  This special flower closes every day mid-morning and does not re-open until the next. One day we will experience the morning of joy.

6/8/2012 A few minutes of fun…



This morning Jack brought in a big basket of veggies from the garden.  I was working away and he called me to see his creation!  This is too hilarious!  Lettuce, yellow peppers, jalapeno peppers, eggplant and an egg.

I just about forgot…  adorable cherry tomato eyes!

6/7/2012 Give them room..

An amazing day to see several bears fishing and playing… but to see a cub nuzzling his (her) mother!  Words can’t describe!  I don’t have a super long lens and I was about 30 feet away in a boat.  Everyone stops fishing when the bears come to the creek.  The stop fishing rule is for safety, but just think about it…. When something this special and this big comes into your space you move over and give them room.

6/5/2012 When the spotlight is on…


This little fellow was out of his normal environment.  He had hopped up on the back door one night and with lights from the back and front he was glowing.

I don’t think that he was really this color…. kind of like when the spotlight is on someone they often do not behave like they normally would.

4/9/2012 Many photos are “staged”.

This was not “staged”… there is no way you could get this kind of expression… just put your camera on multi-shots and point.  The fish did release itself… they were going to let it go anyway, but this fish was not taking any chances. 

1/22/2012 I really do love butterflies.

We have always planted the kind of flowers that attract butterflies.  Zinnias are the best… you have to go out early in the morning and stand in the middle of the flowers and take lots of pictures. Somethings you just have to keep on keepin on!