12/22/2012 … so AWAY I GO!!! Final butterfly post …

I have lots of things to do…. so AWAY I GO!!  Only 9 post to go!


12/8/2012 Just Kidding!

Next year I am going to have the biggest zinnia bed I possibly can.   We have already talked about the compost that we will be adding… the new water lines and ways to keep Kenai from digging up the beds.  (That is probably the hardest part)  I want lots of flowers… I need them to attract the butterflies.  I remember in my science class in high school we made cyanide jars to kill bugs and butterflies for an assignment.  Today I would NEVER kill a butterfly.. .now I might hurt that woodpecker that is making a hole in the soffit of the porch.  (Just kidding!)Butterfly & Zinnia

10/6/2012…wild passion…

The Gulf Fritillary Butterfly has silver spots on the underside of their wings  that glisten in the sunlight.  They love the wild passion vine and lay their eggs on the vines that grow all over central Florida.  I am thankful to have a pasture that they make themselves at home in.

8/24/2012 I believe that I have said before…

We have put a kind of hierarchy on flowers. We value some more than others. We pay more, we put forth a lot more effort for particular varieties. We discard many as “weeds”.  I believe that I have said before…. all of God’s flowers were created on the same day by the same Creator. I know that this lovely zinnia was created at the same time as the beautiful orchid.

7/3/2012 Memories

This year I have only seen one of my favorite butterflies.  The zinnias have not done well, the fennel is full but no caterpillars, the passion vine is everywhere BUT there are very few butterflies.  Makes me glad I have the pictures.  The pictures bring back a memory, a day, a time.   When you need a lift get out your old pics, open that cd full of images, browse that memory stick and if you are like me find the floppy disc that is under the desk.  It just might make you smile.