12/30/2012 …it’s time to STEP UP! Final “We say” post

We say… “We are in a mess in America.”  We have chosen many leaders without looking to God for who we need to lead.

God  describes faithful leaders in  2 Samuel 23:3-4… some of  last words of David…. “When one rules over people in righteousness,  when he rules in the fear of God,4 he is like the light of morning at sunrise  on a cloudless morning… ” 

We need men and women that are righteous and will rule in the fear of God.  Let’s quit “talking” about what’s wrong….  America needs faithful leaders in homes, schools, boardrooms, churches and our government!  

Christian men and women it is time to STEP UP! Only 1 more post to go.


  Gorgeous sunrise off the wing of a 777  headed west to Japan.

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