7/30/2012 Such a gentleman!

Small party boat out of Homer, Alaska 2011 bound for the “chicken hole”.  Loaded with tourist paying good money to be seasick, cold and wet.  All of this for the hope of catching 2 halibut.  This type of fishing boat goes to fishing holes that usually offer the small halibut, typically about 25 lbs or less.  The crew is young, strong and helpful.  I was so seasick… Jack let me hook my two fish… then he pulled them in before he fished.  He is such a gentleman!

7/29/2012 We did not share this picture-perfect place…

I think that the name of this park in Japan was “Dragon Falls”.  The kids changed into their swim suits and played in the stream and rocks  a few yards from the waterfall. They slipped and fell and got back up time after time.  No tears, no fears just pure delight.   We were the only ones there… we did not have to share this picture-perfect place. What a sweet memory.    

7/28/2012 The Bible speaks of “faith”…

In Hebrews the Bible speaks of faith…. Hebrews 11:1…” Now faith is the substance of things hoped for…”  Now I would not say that eating and sharing all of last year’s salmon before we left for our Alaska trip with the “faith” of catching a new year’s supply is what Hebrews was teaching but we sure “hope” that we come home with 200 lbs!

(By the way, the phone number is for the cabins that we stay at… Tony is a great guy but you have to call on 1/1/2013 if you want a cabin for next year.)

7/27/2012 Keep on the sunnyside!

This lovely sunflower was tied to the sprinkler post in the garden and grew extremely tall.  The thing about the picture is that I  “cutout”  the background to focus on the flower.  Now wouldn’t it be nice to be able to “cutout” the noisy, busy background from our lives with a click of the mouse!  Keep on the sunnyside.

7/26/2012 He had flowers waiting for me!

I love when Jack gives me flowers.  I never tire of the message and the thoughtfulness.  When I got home from a trip last year, he had these waiting for me. It is nice to “miss” someone, a little time away makes you stop and be thankful for your relationship, to appreciate the life you have built together, strengthens the bond that you share. I know that he missed me, he told me so. It is important in life to not let things grow ordinary!  

The effect used on the photo is called solarized.  It’s certainly not ordinary.

7/25/2012 Friends

Now this was a group… a retired Washington State Senator, a French Bridge Builder, a Real Estate Broker, a retired IBM’er and a global Disaster Relief Co-ordinator!  The one thing in common is they love to fish and tell fishing tales.  To make new friends and renew friendships is such a blessing.  Can’t wait to see who comes into our lives this year! 

7/23/2012 I am behind and still have so much to do!

The rocking chair behind the fern is calling my name.  Processing chickens for the freezer, gathering the last of the veggies, making 4 pints of the hottest hot sauce ever …( I think that the hotter the weather is the hotter the peppers) 8 pints of chicken broth with the bony pieces of the chicken for the freezer,  fried chicken, smothered cabbage, peas and noodles for supper.  Oh! I almost forgot, I worked today at my little part-time job!  Finished the wedding photos for our friends, Paul & Ginny and worked on the church website.  I couldn’t even begin to tell you what Jack did today…. I sure hope that I get to sit in that pretty rocker soon.  So much for retirement!

7/22/2012 Sweet Pineapple Cheese


4-8oz cream cheese soften

1 large can crushed pineapple—drained

½ -3/4 cup chopped pecans

Sugar to taste—1/4 to ½ cup

1 tsp vanilla

Whole almond slices brown in butter (sliced almond—whole pieces)

Mix cream cheese, drained pineapple, nuts, vanilla and sugar.  Pour into 8” cake pan.  Chill until firm.  Place  browned almonds on top.  Serve with crackers.  I have the sweetest best friend who is the world’s best cook!  Ms. Pat made this delicious spread for a wedding this weekend and it was scrumpious…. When I grow up I want to just like her.  Follw her recipe blog… click here.