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If you would like to download the ebook version (ipad only) of the entire years photos and comments… it is now available.  It’s FREE!  The link below will take you to the site for a review of the book.  The blue box on the right hand side of the page says “Buy Book”  click this.  The book is FREE but you still have to check out! This link will take you to the download…. It’s FREE!     http://www.blurb.com/ebooks/reader.html?e=431674#/spread/21

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12/31/2012 Final post for 2012

I truly  thanked God every day for His blessings and for His amazing creation.  Thank you for your encouraging comments and your many, many “Likes”.  My posting 366 of  my photos was  a little bit of a project but I did it!  I have heard it said that to move past the “planning” stage into the “doing” stage is the hard part!  So….What’s  happening next year?

Florida Sunset

12/30/2012 …it’s time to STEP UP! Final “We say” post

We say… “We are in a mess in America.”  We have chosen many leaders without looking to God for who we need to lead.

God  describes faithful leaders in  2 Samuel 23:3-4… some of  last words of David…. “When one rules over people in righteousness,  when he rules in the fear of God,4 he is like the light of morning at sunrise  on a cloudless morning… ” 

We need men and women that are righteous and will rule in the fear of God.  Let’s quit “talking” about what’s wrong….  America needs faithful leaders in homes, schools, boardrooms, churches and our government!  

Christian men and women it is time to STEP UP! Only 1 more post to go.


  Gorgeous sunrise off the wing of a 777  headed west to Japan.

12/29/2012 We have met a lot … Final Friends & Family post

We have met a lot of wonderful and interesting people in our journeys.  Jim is one of those special friends.  Navy pilot shot down in Vietnam, airline pilot, bush pilot, African big game hunter, falconer, log home builder, Texas rancher, father and husband. This photo was taken one afternoon on  Nikiski Beach, AK where he was training  “Pepper” his newest falcon.  Only 2 post to go!


12/28/2012 .. the land of the midnight sun….Final Alaska post

ALASKA… land of the midnight sun!…  we have never been there for the almost 24 hours of darkness but we have  seen the almost 24 hours of light.  This photo was taken around 11 pm in early July.

It seems to me that Alaskans have two lives…  winter (family & friends …summer (clients & charters) …  two jobs…  winter  (teacher) summer  (fishing guide)  two residences… summer (Alaska)  and winter ( lower 48).  I was told that the definition of a “sourdough” was someone who didn’t have enough money to go south for the winter!  LOL    Only 3 post to go!Island Lake, Alaska

12/27/2012 Kids think work is… Final Farm post

It is never too early to develop the love of the land.  Kids think “work” is fun when they are this age.  Emily loved helping in her GrandDad’s cabbage patch. Now that she’s a big girl… I pray everyday that she will keep her feet on the ground, her hands close to the soil and her heart on GOD!   Only 4 post to go!

Cabbage Patch

12/26/2012 I have a little history…. Final Japan post

The attendants at Narita Airport show honor to the plane and passengers as it begins its taxi to take off.  I have seen this for 6 trips and every time I take a moment and reflect about the custom and the history between Japan and America. ( I have a little history with Japan… my dad was there in 1948 while  my mother was in Florida waiting for me to be born. He came home later that year.)  Only 5 more post to go!


12/23/2012 Cousins…. sometimes

Cousins… sometimes they are your best friend.. sometimes they are your first playmates… sometimes they annoy you beyond measure…BUT it’s that bond of family that makes life so special!  (These are not my kiddos.)Cousins